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Extreme Sports Hippie Mike Skateboarding Video Reviews

A Cold Summer Day at Chuck Bailey

Last Friday Dave Stevens came out to Chuck Bailey Skate Park to do a little of what he does best – film and edit a montage with some of the locals. Francois LeBlanc, Calvin Dignard, Jordan Zazula, Magnus Hansen, Hippie Mike and Kory Laan all represent in style utilizing the majority of the skate park. The day was gorgeous and you would actually believe it was the middle of summer if everyone wasn’t decked out in toques and winter jackets. It was actually -2 degrees out there, which in this neighbourhood is extremely cold and definitely takes away your desire to really go for stuff. But shit went down, like always. Kory Laan even shut the session down with a couple banger bigspins over the big gap.

Check it out

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Extreme Sports Skateboarding Video Reviews

Happy Halloween!!

Strange time to say it, but it’s for a good reason. Anyone who was present at this year’s Leeside Halloween Jam has been patiently awaiting the Fun City Video by The Zenga Bros….

Well, here it is, full of chaotic tricks, crazy costumes, and a buttload of fireworks.

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Extreme Sports Skateboarding Video Reviews

Ethan Craig – Lovin’ the Hi-8

Here’s another stylish video from Ethan Craig filmed all in the month of October completely on a Hi-8 Camera. It’s pretty long but worth a watch, not for the tricks necessarily, or even for all the rippers that are featured in it – Ryley Antoniuk, Gabe Dinorscio, Giet Rolan, Joe Buffalo, Hideki Ishii. Michael Ray, Ryan Lepore, Taylor Senft, Zach Barton, Mike Campbell, Mike Graveline, Adam Hopkins and Many More.  But like I said, this video isn’t about who’s in it, it’s about a guy who loves to film, and loves to edit and it shows. You can really see the premeditated visuals that Ethan carries around in his head prior to going out filming by all the fillers, funky angles and intro shots throughout the video. These are the shots that most people think of after the fact while they’re editing their footage and seeing the backgrounds at spots, where Ethan is seeing it as it happens, and in a way, showing up prepared for it.

It’s a fun video, lots of creative spots in ditches and on the back roads of North Van, at the ramp downtown, and of course at Leeside, and it brings back memories while you watch that old crackly style Hi-8 Footage of how skateboarding used to be when I was young…

Grab a snack and sit down for 20 minutes, and enjoy the show


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Escape the Rain

David Stevens has been filming skateboarding for quite some time now and he hangs with the majority of people who skate for Coastal Riders, and the ones that frequent North Delta Skate Park. Here’s a quick, but super solid video of the young bucks from the Coastal Team shredding some wicked benches that just magically appeared in this underground parking lot. With winter right around the corner, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of these underground parking lot spots, at least I hope so.

Steven Burke, Dylan Clarke, Sam Hampton, Andy Classon and flat ledge destroyer Dave King – killin’ it

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Extreme Sports Skateboarding

Bonsor Loc’s – Doin’ Their Thing

In Spring of this year Sebastien “Fez” Tellez took over the old Push Skate Shop in Metrotown and renamed it “Have 2 Skate” Shop. Being right across the street from Bonsor Skate Park this shop always has a posse hangin’ out and Fez loves to film with his budds. Here’s a video from the summertime featuring Bonsor Loc’s such as Kodi Amohgraphix, Travis Emerson, Ryan Prasad and Protest Team Rider Brad “Fighter” Muscat, plus some more. There’s a bunch of stuff in this video that doesn’t need to be, and some that probably shouldn’t be, if you know what I’m saying. The good skating starts around 7 1/2 minutes in, and you should definitely give it a watch just to see a cop in full uniform bust a heelflip on someone’s board outside the shop.

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