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You Never Know What Tomorrow Brings


You can make plans or you can live on a whim, you never really know what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow could be the best day of your life, the worst day of your life, or just another day to remember or forget. You could win a lottery, or someone close to you could pass away; You could decide to head out on a dream vacation, or you could find out your not allowed to go outside because of a world pandemic lockdown; You really never know…
The other day was great because I went out to skate with just Kaelen and myself and didn’t make plans with anybody. We went to Queensborough where my friend Jamie Madill had some wheels for me and we skated there for a bit together which was super fun.


We knew we were heading to Richmond to skate a special street spot but hadn’t told anyone we were going there. After we went to the spot I took Kaelen to the old River Road Skate Park because he had never been there and it was literally around the corner from where we were. We had a great time there and met a bunch of really cool teenage kids that had no idea who I was. I always love that because it usually means they are pretty new to skateboarding and weren’t part of all the things I’ve done over the years. We skated with them and had a great time, we even got asked to be filmed to be in a video they are making, I love that.

Train Video – Richmond Skate Park

While we were there I texted Andy Anderson to see where he was skating that day, usually if we are going to skate together we make plans much earlier in the week so I didn’t actually expect for us to hook up but nice to know where everyone is at. So just by fluke him, Shawn Beaupre, Travis Waller, and Ty Williamson were on there way to Brighouse, right around the corner from where we were. Just to paint a bigger picture for those who don’t know but I live in Sunshine Valley and it’s about a 2 hour drive to Richmond, so you can imagine I’m not there very often. The fact that these guys happened to be skating right where we were skating that day was obviously fate that we needed to hang out together.
So we met up about a half hour later and it was great. Andy was trying to make history with a couple NBD tricks for an upcoming Powell Peralta video part and since I was there I jumped in for the 2nd camera angle. History was definitely made, and so were the memories. Everyone in that group has been through some awesome times together over the years and it was great to all be in one spot at the same time again. If you had asked me the day before who I was going to be hanging out with the next day I would’ve just answered Kaelen. But instead I hung out with 5 generations of amazing people that all just had fun skateboarding together.
You never know what Tomorrow brings….

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Hippie Mike at Chuck Bailey – Winter Styles

Way back at the end of January, during that nasty spell of Cold and Foggy Winter, I met up with Ty Williamson, aka Tyler the Film Creator at Chuck Bailey Skate Pak and filmed this little montage. It was a tough day for filming as the entire park was soaked when he arrived. I threw down a couple quick tricks on the mini barrier and then proceeded over to the flat bank where I tripped over my own feet after landing primo and knocked my knee slightly out of place. This happens often when you don’t have an MCL. We finished off filming anyway and later that night the old knee popped back into its proper position.

I know I’m not the best skateboarder out there anymore and it’s difficult to compete with the crazy kids of today, but I will point out that I haven’t seen anyone do 95% of the tricks in this montage. Especially when there’s ice on the ground….

Peace – Love – Respect

Skateboard for Life

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Ty Williamson – Best of 2012

It takes a lot of patience, dedication, and time to be a good filmer. Ty Williamson has been pumping out video edits all year and has come out with this compilation featuring some of his favourite clips from last year. A good filmer needs good people to film and he has that part taken care of. Then all it is is practise and experimentation. Everything that I’ve seen from him this year was worthy, can’t wait to see how he steps it up in 2013.

Here’s his Best of 2012 video featuring Gilbert Turenne, Adam Tickner, Blair Higginson, Keenan Hargrove, Andre Tsougrianis, Michael Segers, Ryan Prasad, Michael Nguyen, Brad Komar, Jason Wilson, Daniel Ruiz, Dylan Boyer, Casey Grainge, Ben MacDonald, Derek Oye, Tony Phan, Jordan Smail, Jackson Wakabyashi, Adrian Wnorowski, Dan Pageau, Dylan Ackimenko, Myself, James Benson, Michael James, Matt Latham, River Tavis, Dave Jonsson, Tom Korop, Lanny DeBoer, Jesse Holland, and Micky Papa.

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Thanks to the Filmers

Ohhhhh, the Skateboard Industry… so huge now.

When I was young and started skateboarding in the mid-80’s, skateboarding was crazy – pools, vert and launchers, hair in your eyes and rails on your boards. It was huge at that time and all the skaters wanted to be at the top of their game. There was only a select few number of Pro Skaters that everybody knew and they were always competing to be better than the others. I watched as skateboarding suddenly fell off the Popularity Meter and all of a sudden there was no publicity for it any more. It was tough times for the Pro’s, and even tougher for the Skate Shops. But skateboarding made a major comeback in the mid-90’s and it looks like it’s here for good.

There are soooooooooooo many amazing skateboarders in the world that we will never know 25% of their names. You only get your chance if you get your name out there in the first place and now a days the only way to do that is to have a solid filmer behind you.

It’s crazy how huge skateboarding is world wide and I would have to say that the abundance of people filming is the reason for it. Some people just have video camera and enjoy getting footage of them and their friends, where others save up for a year and buy the sickest camera on the market and start getting in with the crew’s of sick skaters and always filming. Trust me, people love it when someone wants to film, I know I do. Filming and watching yourself later is also the best way to improve and another serious reason as to how sick the talent is out there. The more they film the better they get, and the more they film us, the better we get. So together, we make an amazing team that showcases talents, and creates entertainment for everyone to enjoy. So big thanks and props to all you Die Hard Skateboard Filmers out there – thanks for helping to create so many memories…

Ty Williamson has been sending me video links to lots of his edits, most of it being park footage but it really lets us get to know some local skaters. The filming is perfect, the editing is good and the skating is always impressive. Here’s another quick edit from “Tyler the Creator” called On Top.

Some old and unused footage from Pitt Meadows and Thomas Haney Parks featuring Blair Higginson, Lanny DeBoer, Keenan Hargrove, Calum Wood, James Benson, Dylan Ackimenko, Tom Korop, Adrian Wnorowski, Braiden Huish, and Dave Jonsson 

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Tom Korop – The Pitts

Every Skate Park has a Local that kills it, I think this is the one for Pitt Meadows. I don’t know Tom Korop, but I was told that I should, and after watching this video, I think I will most likely remember his name. From Nollie Lazer Flips to Double 360 flips, and a whole lotta tough manual tricks, this kids definitely got some skills. What I want to know is how did he pull off 2 sessions at Pitt Meadows Skate Park without 1 scooter kid getting in the way??

Filmed by Ty Williamson, check it

Don’t forget to send in your video links to Hippie Mike for review, and if he likes it we’ll post it on the site


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