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A Cold Summer Day at Chuck Bailey

Last Friday Dave Stevens came out to Chuck Bailey Skate Park to do a little of what he does best – film and edit a montage with some of the locals. Francois LeBlanc, Calvin Dignard, Jordan Zazula, Magnus Hansen, Hippie Mike and Kory Laan all represent in style utilizing the majority of the skate park. The day was gorgeous and you would actually believe it was the middle of summer if everyone wasn’t decked out in toques and winter jackets. It was actually -2 degrees out there, which in this neighbourhood is extremely cold and definitely takes away your desire to really go for stuff. But shit went down, like always. Kory Laan even shut the session down with a couple banger bigspins over the big gap.

Check it out

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Hype Juice 2012

Protest Skateboards Filmer Jordan Strong put out this little teaser video strictly named “2012” portraying the chaotic times he had over this past summer going out with all his friends and gettin’ clips. There’s a lot more of the chaos displayed than the skating, but that’s okay, that’s the life he chose. Featuring all the Surrey Loc’s like Calvin Dignard, Dale Kind, Mitch Salter, Ryan Barron, Jay Mykyte, Andy Anderson, Brad “Fighter” Muscat, Jordan Strong and more. Check it out

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Mackin Park Session in Coquitlam

A few of us Chuck Bailey Locs went to peep out the new Skate Park in Coquitlam, Mackin Park last Friday. Luckily there weren’t too many kids there because it’s tiny and you can see in the video how much they get in the way. I had my back brace on so I could skate, and everyone had a good time. I found a lot of the obstacles hard to get speed for, and others tough to go slow enough. I’m not the most excited about these small back and forth parks when they come out but I’m sure I will give it a shred every now and then. It was me, Cisco Gooding, Jordan Strong, Fighter and a few friends, Calvin killed it…

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