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Protest Skateboards Reissue Decks – Fight the System Series Part 1

Bob and Malcolm decks

Protest Skateboards have remade a limited number of Bob Marley and Malcolm X decks from our 2015 Protest “Fight the System” Series. With what is happening in the world today we thought these graphics had real meaning that needed to be shared once again. They’re selling fast so jump on it if you want one, Click the link below to purchase

Part 2 of the series will are being remade as we speak and will be available in September

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Kids Make the World Go Round

Caileigh and Kaelen Skitchin

If you have Kids you will quickly relate to this, and even if you don’t have kids of your own but hang out with other people’s children you will also know what I’m talking about.
Kids can drive you crazy at times, they are needy and stubborn, but it’s not their fault. It is our job to feed them, bath them, clothe them, and love them, and in return they show you a love that no one else can. When a young child looks into your eyes or holds you by the hand and expresses themself they are giving you the full Truth of how they feel, they don’t know anything else. When they are really young everything they do is a new experience and is either fun, scary, or super cool. Then as they grow older a confidence builds inside them that allows them to become more independent and start to take care of themselves, and find their own true passions. It’s hard to remember that we were all once little babies, infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, etc… We all went through the same things to grow up, and each of us have different stories to tell.
The one thing that motivates me to always be a caring father is when I see my kids enjoying themselves with a smile that cannot be faked. The excitement that comes to life is so real at times that just being there with them pumps you up and makes you happy. I’m very lucky to have a child that loves to skateboard, and not just wanting to be good at it, but actually just enjoys skateboarding for what it is – a time to challenge your mind and body to learn and remember new things, a way to feel free from everything as you roll and flow across the concrete, and a connection to so many people you can call your friends for life. When we go out together it’s a special time between us, one that both of us will remember differently, but the same.
I try to do as much as possible with both my kids, and so does their Mom. Every minute of every day only happens once, we must make the most of it. One day you will look down at your kids and realize they are taller than you, they own their own cars and homes, and have kids of their own. Today is a day like any other day, hug your children and let them know that you love them, it’s important for both of you

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Get Up, Stand Up

Get up Stand up

“Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for your Rights; Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t give up the Fight” – A saying that will always live true all over the world.
One of the most influential songs ever written, “Get Up, Stand Up” was the last song Bob Marley ever performed Live, Bob and Peter Tosh put this song together to promote people to take actions against oppression and fight for their freedom to be who they are naturally, without judgement. Similar to what is happening right now within the United States, When you oppress someone, you use your authority to keep them down. If you oppress people long enough, they might decide to fight back and then decide to oppress YOU. There is a saying that “power corrupts,” meaning that once someone gains power, they tend to misuse it in self-serving or brutal ways. Eventually the people being abused are going to fight back.
We live in a world where we can usually travel the globe freely, immigrate into other countries as our new homeland, and ship whatever wherever in the matter of days. So why are we still fighting to put and end to prejudism and racism, and promote equal rights around the globe? Money is obviously the issue. It controls the world, and the people in it, even when you try to live without it.
As time goes on, the governments of all countries will be less and less trustworthy. An action is never taken for the benefit of the people, only for the people at the top. And as the world leaders start to collaborate together more and more (like we are seeing right now during the “Covid-19 Pandemic”) we will have less and less control of our own lives. This needs to be stopped, or at least slowed down so enough people can see what is really happening and stand up for themselves before it’s too late.
The saying above “Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for your Rights” has meaning in every situation. If you believe you are being treated unfairly then say so. If the people you express this to do not care, or brush off your feelings as no big deal, then you move on to the second part of the quote: “Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t give up the Fight”. The actions you take at this point will be stronger and possibly physical instead of just verbal. Believe in yourselves that you can and will be heard. If you have a valid argument, then more people will relate to it and join in your fight with you. Unfortunately the powers that be will try anything to keep your group from growing, as the Power of Numbers is true strength. But you must continue on and not give up until the battle is won.
People are abused everywhere, at home, at school, at work, on the streets, everywhere. It is time for us to take a stand and stop being held down. What do you have to stand up and fight for?

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Grip Tape Art 2 – Rasta Rooster

I like to make custom painted Grip Tape Art on my skateboards, I like having bright colors to make it better to see my board and easier to find it in large crowds. Plus it’s fun!
This was quick and simple, I used rasta colors because they are nice and bright and it will excite me when I’m out skating. I called this one the Rasta Rooster because of the tail feathers, don’t mess with the rooster haha…

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Born Innocent

If there is one thing that all people in the world have in common it is that we were all born innocent. Never has there ever been a baby that the justice system was awaiting to put on trial or send directly to jail the second they are born. Unfortunately, there are babies born into slavery and other torturous means but that is not the topic today.

We all come from an egg and live in our mother’s womb before we are born. That’s what makes us mammals.

And when we are born, we all take that first breath of air and begin our lives. We are all at the same stage of life at that point.

So when does it change?

Why do we all end up so different from one another?

And where do we learn these differences from?

The quote this month is from the song Comin’ In From The Cold from the album Uprising, and it reads this:

The biggest man you ever did see was at once just a baby in his life”.

That is one powerful message. Bob Marley is a hero just for thinking of this sentence, let alone writing it into a song. No matter who you become in life, whether you’re the most amazing sports figure in the world – Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods; or maybe the legendary ruler of a country – George Bush, John A. MacDonald, Mikhail Gorbachev, Sadam Hussein; or you were an amazing movie star – Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson; even a pop star extravaganza – Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton

The lists of people who are bigger than the rest of us go on and on forever. These are the people that we are trained to worship, brainwashed to love, and taught to fear. But why?

What makes them different?

We were all born equal – helpless babies.

No matter if you’re 80 pounds or 750, at one time you were carried around in someone’s arms everywhere you went. You couldn’t talk, you couldn’t eat by yourself, and you needed someone to change your diaper and wipe your bum.

We were all the same.

I was at an event today called “Challenge Day” and it’s an event mainly for high school students to share their true inner feelings and step out of their comfort zone to find out more about themselves and the people around them. It was an amazing experience for everyone in the room. Lots of smiles, plenty of tears, and tons of hugs. The emotions in this room were unstoppable, and the whole time I was there I kept thinking about that line, The biggest man you ever did see was at once just a baby in his life. It kept ringing in my ear. I would see people who were super upset and it would remind me of childhood. Every kid depends on someone for survival when they are a baby, but then we all grow up and try to out-do each other, and be better than the next guy. People bully each other, and put others down for no reason. They follow the trends in the media and do things to make themselves appear like they are more special than everyone around them. But in our hearts and souls, we’re all the same – helpless, innocent babies.

Bob Marley was all about Unity.

He wanted everyone to be treated equally, and I think that’s where this sentence originated from in his mind.

Because the only time that we are all considered equal, is right when we are born.

What can we do to change that…

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The Bob Marley Quote of the Month

Growing up, I went through some strange phases, as most kids do. I stopped combing my hair at a young age, and started to wash it with just the bar of soap instead of shampoo. I decided to walk and hitch-hike everywhere I went instead of using transit, and I just plain stopped caring about what anyone thought of me – period. I decided to just be myself at all times.

But one of the most interesting phases was when I was about 18 years old:

I decided that I was going to listen to nothing but Bob Marley. That was it. If I was in someone else’s car or house or a place of business, I had no choice, but when the choice was mine it was “All Bob, all the time”. I had over 30 different Bob Marley albums so it wasn’t hard to do, I would listen to it while I drive, while I skate, and every night while I fell asleep, and this lasted for about 1 year.

You see, one day my whole life just straight up changed. I had an awakening. This was when I decided to never cut my hair again, and to let Freedom take its toll. Most people bow down to society’s ways and fall into the traps of the brainwashing that is all over the media. They tell you how to dress, how to look, how to smell, how to walk, where to work, who to vote for, what to eat and drink, and even how to act in our own homes. You see, the government wants us all to be the same in as many ways as possible so it’s easier for them to control society.

But Bob Marley was always about FreedomFreedom of Speech, Freedom of Religious Beliefs, Freedom to Be Yourself, no matter who you are. And he preached his beliefs in song. And he taught so many people how to listen, how to hear, and how to be Free.

Most people relate Bob Marley to pot. They love him for his belief in legalizing marijuana, but those people have never heard what Robert Nesta Marley was really preaching about.

Bob was a lover,

Bob was a Freedom Fighter,

And Bob was a Black Man in a White Man’s World.

His main purpose in life was to teach people that we are all Human Beings, no matter what color, no matter what race, no matter what size.

No matter where we live now, we all came from the same Africa Land,

And all Bob wanted was for Man to Unite.

I love Bob Marley,

He is my hero, my mentor, my idol.

I believe that if Bob Marley was still alive today, the world we live in would be different in many ways.

His lyrics and beliefs helped me through the toughest stage of my life, when I felt lost in the world and needed advice and had no one to turn to. It was his lyrics that brought me to British Columbia where I am a mentor to so many others, and I will always praise him for that.

In the song Soul Rebel, Bob Marley sings:

“If you’re not living good, travel wide”

And no sentence can ring more true.

If what you have is not satisfying your soul, then leave it behind you and start over somewhere new. Your calling is out there, but it’s up to you to go find it. Don’t stay stuck in a place where you’re sad, find yourself, find your true meaning of existence, and you will know what Freedom is…

Every month I will write down my favourite quotes from Bob Marley songs and express what they mean to me and why.

Stay tuned…

Thank You

Hippie Mike

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