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Goodbye 2012

At the end of every year I like to reflect on what happened and what needs to happen in the upcoming one. This year was full of mixed emotions for me. I read a post that Dan Pageau had posted recently about how 2012 was a solid year for him – got a new Pro model with Monke and opened up 2 Skate Shops “One Love” and just how he was down in the dumps and then life just turned around for him and everything is awesome again. This is what I’m really hoping for myself for next year, is just to have a full year of positivity. This year was very tough. Both my cats died at separate times and so did my Dad, and that crushed me, big time. He was everything to me, my strength, my power and my love, and I lost a lot of that when he passed away. Life was just hard this year and we fell into more debt, I closed down one of my businesses and depression was definitely existent in both mine and my wife’s minds every day. But when I look at all the good things I can’t complain forever – I got a partner to help me out with Protest and revamped the Team and the Website and now it seems to be taking off again, I have one of the cutest and smartest kids in the world who makes me laugh everyday and keeps me proud, I won a few contests and got a video clip on America’s Funniest Videos, I made tons of new relationships this year and I really got back on to my skateboard. I can’t wait for the New Year 2013 just so I can start off fresh from here. There are some seriously positive opportunities just waiting to happen in our lives right now and they will change everything if they do.

The one thing I always know I have is tons of great friends, and no matter what happens, or how shitty I feel, they are always there.

Thanks 2012 for helping me find myself once again – Now bring on something better…

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