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No Sell-Outs

All my life, I’ve been independent. And I never wanted to be filthy rich, unless I could do so without changing my life one bit. But I have major hatred for the world of Sell-Outs who will do anything for money. Life ain’t about money, it’s about happiness, and money cannot create everlasting happiness. A good chunk of cash every now and then can be fun for a bit, but it’s a different kind of fun. The big thing is, I just want to be me, and use my talents to make the money I need to survive comfortably. When we were growing up, we were big into Punk Rock (NOFX, Face to Face, Pennywise, Bad Religion, etc.) and we were always adamant about never changing the way we were for anyone else. That went for appearance, attitude and beliefs. Changing any of these things because someone else wants you to, and you personally don’t want to, that’s being a sell-out. The stupidest question people always ask me is, “How much money would it take for you to cut your hair?” What an ignorant question. Could you please take my hammer and smack yourself in the forehead as hard as you can so I don’t ever have to listen to you speak again. These are the people who would do anything for money. I actually had a guy who just argued the fact that if the amount was big enough, I would cut my hair, like I’m growing it just for that moment to come along. He has absolutely no sense to the fact that I grow my hair as a sign of Freedom, to show that I don’t have to bow down to society and follow their ways of existence. I am free to be who I am, and don’t care if you like me or not. For me to accept money to cut my hair would be selling my own freedom. This person was completely incapable of comprehending this concept – what an idiot. Absolutely no respect for himself. I said it growing up, and I’ll say it till the day I die,

“I will not sell my soul.”

Years ago, I did some movies and TV extra work, and the agent got a couple calls from people who wanted to put me in commercials. I said no right away. There’s nothing dumber you can do than be a puppet in a TV commercial, looking like an idiot and saying some stupid line that North America is going to relate to you for the rest of your life, No Thanks.

No Sell Outs

A funny story I have for you right now is the “All Extreme” story. I’ve had quite a few interviews on TV and in the local newspapers and magazines about all the stuff I do skateboard wise, so this guy shows up to one of my contests this one summer, approximately 6 years ago. It was at Bear Creek Park, one of the Grand Finales for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, so there were about 200 people there and the contest was running smooth. I had the comedic touch in my commentating that day and was having a great time. So in between the categories this guy comes up to me and starts kissing my ass, big time. He’s telling me how amazing I am, how knowledgeable I am to the sport and how cool I look. He started selling me on this TV show about extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing, etc. called “All Extreme” he was about to create in Seattle and how he would love for me to host it. His exact words were, “With your cool look and knowledge of the sports, and this “super-hot” girl here co-hosting, the audience will want to tune in for sure.” The girl was standing right beside him at the time, and as I wondered what she had actually done to get this part I abruptly stated, “First of all, the audience that will watch this show will be watching for the actual extreme sports, not for the super-hot girl hosting. And secondly, she’s not that hot…” and I just turned away and continued on with what I was doing.  “Yeah sure,” I’m thinking, “I’ll come host your shitty show and then you’ll want to trim my frizzy hair , shave my beard and dress me up in some cheesy getup I would never even have in my closet – I don’t fucking think so, loser.”

All Extreme

And that was pretty much the end of that. I didn’t even look to see them leave but I assume they didn’t stick around to long after that. It was a classic situation of  being offered money to change everything I believe in, everything I’ve created in my life, and straight up who I am.

For some people, impossible to say no; for me, too easy.

Fuck That!

So the funniest part of the story came earlier this year, 2011, when I was checking the Guide for what was on TV one random afternoon and saw a show called “All Extreme”. I thought, “No Way, it can’t be the same show.” I turned it on and sure enough, there was the chick, still not super-hot, hosting the show all by herself. I watched the show, and it was actually pretty good. I liked the initial idea of the theme when the guy had explained it, I just didn’t like the ignorance that was going to be behind the cameras.

Too bad so sad.

Onward I went with my happy life.

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