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Authentic Board Supply Video – For the Love of the Game

At the end of 2014 we released the Full length video for my skateboard shop, Authentic Board Supply, located in Surrey, BC, Canada. We had only been open for a year at this time, so to have a solid team that could put out footage in a short amount of time was awesome and we wanted to share with the world. Starring some true Surrey/Langley locals this video was recognized Canada wide and helped push a few of these guys to the next levels of sponsorships. Andy Anderson, Shawn Beaupre, and Dominic Devries were definitely the 3 top billed skaters that people wanted to see, and all 3 of their parts were mind blowing in their own respect. We gave our hearts and souls to the public while filming for this video, and I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed it
– For the Love of the Game

Here is the full length video released on YouTube for the first time
Filmed and Edited by: Dallas Lang & Hippie Mike
Starring: Andy Anderson, Shawn Beaupre, Dominic Devries, Hippie Mike, Jay Mykyte, Andreas Tsougrianis, Weston Ganger, Weston Hutchinson, Doogie Lester, Mathew McCauley, Francois LeBlanc, and more…

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Local Boyz gettin’ Buck!

I think that’s a saying that the cool kids now a days might say, but who am I to know? I’m not gangster…

Here’s some of the younger Surrey/Langley Loc’s throwing down some solid tricks filmed yesterday at Skate Plaza, Chuck Bailey and some random street. Props for being out there filming in these icy-assed conditions.

Kory Laan, William Savage and Mathew McCauley – 3 young rippers that all love street style skateboarding, and all like to land bolts on every trick they try…

Give ’em props

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