Onward to my Future

2013 – what a year. Definitely found out the truth about a lot of people this year, some good, some bad, and also really ventured in to getting back to my roots. I worked hard all year in so many ways and it really paid off in the end where I feel a new sense of enjoyment for life. After 2012 I was really angry and depressed and so my goal for this year was to redefine myself to myself. Every day was filled with battles all year, one of which was just me being sick for 11 months, and another was being injured for the past 6 months, but I would push through and ignore how I felt physically and just continue to follow my mental pathways and remind myself that nothing could stop me from reaching my goals.


A lot of things changed this year and were well worth it, Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey came to an end after 10 awesome years and we made this one a very memorable one. It was recognized in Concrete Skateboard Magazine and there will be a sick documentary out soon about it. The important part was that all the participants had the best time of their lives and they did. Another huge change was finally being able to walk away from my job with the City of Surrey and move back into strictly working in the skateboard industry by opening and running Authentic Board Supply. After almost 11 years changing the community through working for Surrey Parks and Rec it was time for me to move on and be happy again, and I am. I feel good every day when I wake up and I enjoy my life again. It’s awesome, and to me it is just the beginning of another amazing journey that I am about to focus on for the next era of my life.

One thing that has been tough for me this year is the lack of skateboarding I have had to do, mainly due to strange injuries. I try to ignore the pain and just go out and skate but it’s the aftermath that hurts so much. I have not skated for almost a month as of today and I hope it is allowing this injury to heal. That’s why every time I did skate I would make sure to give it my all and come back each day with fresh photos and video, and even some prizes from placing in contests again. I felt like this was one of my best skate years so far and maybe the lack of skating is what drove me to that success, so I’ll be thankful. But next year I have huge goals for my skating and you better be ready for what you’re gonna see. I’m going back to the old style and I have a lot of crazy plans.

So onward to the future of 2014 as life goes on and we keep getting older, but nothing can slow us down. My goals this year are simple – to prove myself successful in my business, to remind the world why so many people know me as a skateboarder by displaying the skills that still live inside me, to smile all day every day I’m alive, and most importantly to have plenty of awesome and fun experiences with my wife and child. I will be expanding my horizons and creating new events and relationships for us all to enjoy.

Life is about 3 things – learning, loving, and living. And at 35 years old, I can’t wait to see what’s new in 2014…

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