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SkatePark Styles Episode 4 – White Rock with Andy Anderson

A quick reunion at the old Local White Rock Skate Park, Andy Anderson shows you how to properly rip the Bowl he grew up skating, and then airs the fence gap out of the park in tribute to the OG legend Major Dave Bowers. Don’t it Feel All Right?

Song: Don’t it Feel All Right
Artist: Hagen Mitchell (with Craig Williams and George Faulkner)
Album: Craig Williams – In Good Company
Released: 2017

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SkatePark Styles – Episode 3 – Bonsor Skate Park with Travis Emerson and Ryan Prasad

In Memory of a good friend Ryan McKellar we spent a Saturday afternoon at Bonsor Skate Park in Metrotown (Burnaby BC) with a couple local legends Travis Emerson and Ryan Prasad. Watch as the remind the street section of Bonsor who’s boss… Also starring: Cisco Gooding, Big Rip Kaelen Faux, Allen Handley, Justin Parenteau, AJ Zabell, Oli Ward, and myself Hippie Mike

Music Credit:
Song: Bright Eyez’Em
Artist: L.S. (Featuring Bin Nyce)
Album: In This Life
Released: 2008

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Charley Ford Fundraiser

Another amazing skateboarder loses his life to the bullet. Why can’t we escape these guns?

Charley Ford was shot dead while sitting in a car in Compton over he weekend. Why I’m not sure, but either way it’s just another ignorant murder with an unnecessary weapon. Why must all of someone’s friends and family mourn and suffer because one person loses there respect for human life and shots another, and worse, right in front of a 10 month old baby….

Filmed by Nigel Alexander, Darren Munoz, Amir GT, Davonte Jolly, Mannie Escamilla, Marc Ohata and Mannie Salazar, this video was created by Charley’s Bro’s to showcase the man we just lost in the skateboard industry. It proves that he was super skilled and talented and could have ended up the next huge name of street skating. You can really see the patience he had when he does his tricks. A great Loss.

The video also has a huge purpose to try to raise funds for Charley Ford’s Mother who is suffering from Cancer, and now grieving the loss of her loved one while worrying about her own life. Please support this cause by watching the video and sharing it on Facebook.

And please, get rid of the guns….

R.I.P. Charley Ford


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Bye Bye Guildford Bowl

It was the first closed in bowl with coping in Surrey, and when it was in the planning stage for the Guildford Park I was very adamant that we got a Bowl. There was too much of the same street stuff popping up everywhere and those parks get boring after a while. So Guildford Bowl was built, along with a tiny, somewhat pointless Street Section. Of course now you have to be thankful for the street section because that’s all that will be skateable for the next year and a half until the construction is complete. Once this Lap Pool is built then New Line will come back and build something fresh for us to ride in the remaining footage between the building and street section.

This Park helped to teach a lot of the young kids in Surrey how to hit coping. I remember when it was new and at my Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey Contests there the young kids would all avoid the Bowl and just ride the street stuff, and now almost everyone focuses completely on the Bowl at those events. It also created a group of friends that localized that place, Allen Handley, Myke Johnson and Randy. These guys all know how to shred this spot. It’s a shame that we’re losing it, but life goes on.

Here’s the Video by Protest Skateboards of our Final Film Session at Guildford Bowl. Lots of people showed up including Andy Anderson, Brad “Fighter” Muscat, Jordan Strong, Dale Kind, “Giver” Michael James, Riley Allen Clerihue, Adam Lewis, Josh Lewis, “Hasbrown” Mike Shulze, Dustin Locke, Derek Mayer, Stephan Burke, Matt Cook, Ryan Brynelson, Bachouch Michael, Myke Johnson, Randy, myself and Allen Handley who absolutely destroyed it all day. No one will miss that Bowl as much as this guy.

I’m not completely sure when the fence will go up and the Bowl will come down but it could happen at any given moment, so take your chances and get there for one last session


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R.I.P. Carlsbad

Located in Carlsbad, California, a suburb of San Diego, Carlsbad High School was built in 1957. Carlsbad High School is renowned for its high level of academic success and graduate levels, with top students from each year attending many of the most prestigious universities in the United States. But the most memorable part of the high school had to be the gap that was skated to its limit for many, many years. From Danny Way’s nollie, to Jeremy Wray’s frontside 360, the Carlsbad Gap was already demoed just in the old Plan B videos. Josh Kasper, Tom Penny, Andrew Reynolds, and so many more amazing skaters destroyed this gap during the 1990’s and the next generation continued the religion. Even Bart Simpson blasted the Carlsbad Gap at one point. I think my favorite trick of all still has to be a very young Brandon Turner in the Shorty’s video – Guilty, with the switch hardflip. If you watch it in super slow mo, it’s baffling to try to figure out where he actually popped on his take off. Insane.

So many different tricks went down over this massive obstacle over the past 2 decades and I’m sure lots of people travelled worldwide to Cali just to skate it. On February 23rd, 2012 the legend of the Carlsbad Gap actually became just a legend.

Demolished forever.

Kris Markovich was the first person to ever kickflip the gap, and was also blessed by being the last person to Ollie it…

Check out the videos, and pay your tributes

[youtube id=”MUHlmz75IEE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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Mad Carver Lives On

          I was skating Kensington Park the other day and was busting out some flip tricks on the old Record Flat bank and it brought back the memories of all the awesome times I had with the Mad Carver back in the day. The record was built as a tribute to Carver to remind us all of how much he loved his music, especially that sweet Reggae Vibe.

         Don Hartley was a DJ, a caring individual, and a hero to many people – and most of all a true skateboarder for life. “Live by the Board, Die by the Board…” any hardcore skater says it, but do they mean it. This man was in his 50’s, skateboarding every day if possible. He would just carve man. In all the years I knew Don I don’t think I ever saw him leave the ground, except for that front flip off his board out of the deep end at Seylynn Bowl. The coolest thing about Don was that he was such a nice guy, always encouraging to everyone around him and always giving out free advice. And he always pushed the younger generation to wear their helmets.

Don Hartley was a man I loved and a man I will always love…

Mad Carver Lives On

          It was July 1st, 2009 – an incredibly beautiful day outside. It was a day I had waited for all year, just like every year – Seylynn Bowl Series Contest. The year prior there had been a potential jumper on the Second Narrows Bridge and it was closed most of the day so this year everyone came early so they didn’t miss the contest again. Must have been about 300 people around just having a great old time. It was Advanced heats and they set it up for a full Seylynn Locs Heat: Don, Hippo, Dave Boyce, Dave 57, and everyone was rippin’. All day there had been sooooooooooo many close calls like usual and the crowd really feeds off of them. Seylynn is one of the coolest parks in the world, built in 1978 in the shape of a snake and there really is no limit as to how fast you can go there. Unfortunately though it does have its blind spots, and sometimes you’re going so fast that you don’t see someone else in certain spots in the bowl. BOOM!! Tragedy struck… 57 went flying into the deep end for the speed line not knowing that Don was inside carving and slashing up a storm. It was a face to face collision at high speed and Don never knew what hit him. I was lucky enough not to see it, but I was standing about 20 feet away, and that sound will be etched into my brain forever. The crowd went silent, the music stopped, I jumped into the bowl – worried. A couple others jumped in as well, one of them was an E.M.T. ambulance attendant so I felt safe enough that they could handle the first aid and got out of the bowl. The ambulance was on its way, but how long would they take. The Mad Carver was down, and still unconscious…

         It must have been the longest 10 minutes of everyone’s life waiting for help to arrive. I kept chanting “C’Mon Don! Let’s Go Don!” and telling everyone it was gonna be alright. I believed that. I honestly thought Don was going to be okay. The ambulance took him away and the contest ended right there. The mood was definitely destroyed. What went from being one of the best Seylynn Comps of all time turned into what will hopefully remain the worst.

         Don went to hospital and was put on life support. 3 days later I received a text that he was gone. No more Mad Carver…

         I was standing by my truck at Kwantlen Park setting up for the kickoff contest of Hippie Mikes Tour de Surrey for that year and just broke down into tears. There was at least 50 people around, but suddenly I was standing alone – a moment I’ll never forget. I just wanted to go home, but I couldn’t. I’m Hippie Mike – and it’s my Tour de Surrey. I said my last words to Don out loud not caring who heard me, wiped away the tears and walked back over to my chair. I knew that Don was a legend. I knew that his death broke the hearts of thousands of people. But mostly I knew that he was always so stoked on skateboarding and watching people learn, and that was what these competitions are all about. I asked DJ Cuzo to play me some sweet Reggae music and the show began. It was a tough day, but it was all for Don. I got through the contest, packed up and went home, and found the first cd that Don had ever made me – 72 minutes of sweet Reggae Vibes. I love you buddy.

         For a while, those moments kept reoccurring in my brain. That horrid sound of the initial collision. The immediate silence of 300 people. The tears that ran down my face when I got that text message. And every year when I get ready to go to Seylynn on Canada Day for the Bowl Series I still watch The Seylynn Story DVD, and no matter what I’m in the middle of when Don Hartley’s part starts, I stop and sit and watch the whole damn thing. Nothing gets me more stoked when I’m about to go to Seylynn Park. I wish I could skate that place like Don did. Any local at that park has their own style and their own lines. You watch the footage of Don there and you will understand where the name “The Mad Carver” came from. He ripped that place – since day One.

          Bowl Series will never be the same. The music’s not the same. The vibes aren’t the same. Life isn’t the same. But we are a family and we will overcome. We will never forget Don Hartley and what he did for the sport of Skateboarding. We will never forget the kind words he spread amongst the groups of people that surrounded him. We will never forget the way he loved to groove. But mostly, we will never forget that day.

For those of you who knew him, then you know what this means:

Mad carver Lives On…

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Review: Mosaic Skateboards Park Video

Oh Ryaaaaaaaa!!

Or as the rest of the world knows him as – Ryan McKellar, sent me a link to check out the new Mosaic Park Video. So I did.

I’d have to say that Ryan likes to support the rest of the team as much as possible and at least the boys can rip stuff up – especially Lanny DeBoer. I do love seeing any new footage of this kid. Lots of good local parks that we’ve all ridden, and some solid tricks that I know I wouldn’t want to try any more. It’s nice to see the next generation of skateboarders enjoying the spoiled lives of having sooooooo many free skate parks that us old guys fought to create. It’s worth a watch.

Mosaic Skateboards might be an unknown company to most, but they have been a solid sponsor to theHippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey circuit for years. It’s tough to make it out there as a small business skateboard company, so support your locals and check out the video…

If you like what you see and you’re interested in checking out what else Mosaic has to offer you, take a free ride to the website www.mosaicskateboards.com

If you have a video that you want reviewed by Hippie Mike, put it on Youtube send the link my way reviews@protestskateboards.com

Who knows, maybe I’ll like it

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