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King of HHHHWHAT??

Ohhhhhhh, Sam Hampton… What did you do?

I saw a new entry to Show Up Mike yesterday from Sam Hampton, but I didn’t watch it till tonight, and it was very impressive. A couple tricks you wouldn’t see anyone do any where, let alone at Walnut Grove, the worst constructed skate park in the Lower Mainland. It’s sad because I absolutely love the design of this park, all the quarter pipes are oversized in height and most are curved to. You fly in from anywhere and blast huge. But the people that built it didn’t know what they were doing and there’s speed bumps in the middle of the tranny’s on the quarters, the ground is super choppy and it’s just plain slow materials. What a shame.

So I watch this video of Sam and then afterwards the selection of related vids comes up on Youtube and there’s one there called “King of Walnut Grove 2012.” I remember Jay Mykyte calling me out of the blue a couple months ago telling me about this and we had a great laugh that there was gonna be a contest there. I wanted to go bad too, but I ended up having to be somewhere else so I missed it. Of course I had to watch this video though. I can’t believe how many people showed up for this and they were all thrashing. It shows how bad this place deserves a facelift if there’s this much interest there. I know that New Line and Coastal Riders are working on a plan to make that facelift happen someday, so you never know.

Well, the contest happened, July 7th, 2012.

It’s a sick video, you gotta watch it.

I’m not going to spoil it and tell you who the King was, but I think you probably have a strong guess…

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