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Hippie Mike Hippie Mike's Messed Up Mind The Bob Marley Quote of the Month

Born Innocent

If there is one thing that all people in the world have in common it is that we were all born innocent. Never has there ever been a baby that the justice system was awaiting to put on trial or send directly to jail the second they are born. Unfortunately, there are babies born into slavery and other torturous means but that is not the topic today.

We all come from an egg and live in our mother’s womb before we are born. That’s what makes us mammals.

And when we are born, we all take that first breath of air and begin our lives. We are all at the same stage of life at that point.

So when does it change?

Why do we all end up so different from one another?

And where do we learn these differences from?

The quote this month is from the song Comin’ In From The Cold from the album Uprising, and it reads this:

The biggest man you ever did see was at once just a baby in his life”.

That is one powerful message. Bob Marley is a hero just for thinking of this sentence, let alone writing it into a song. No matter who you become in life, whether you’re the most amazing sports figure in the world – Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods; or maybe the legendary ruler of a country – George Bush, John A. MacDonald, Mikhail Gorbachev, Sadam Hussein; or you were an amazing movie star – Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson; even a pop star extravaganza – Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton

The lists of people who are bigger than the rest of us go on and on forever. These are the people that we are trained to worship, brainwashed to love, and taught to fear. But why?

What makes them different?

We were all born equal – helpless babies.

No matter if you’re 80 pounds or 750, at one time you were carried around in someone’s arms everywhere you went. You couldn’t talk, you couldn’t eat by yourself, and you needed someone to change your diaper and wipe your bum.

We were all the same.

I was at an event today called “Challenge Day” and it’s an event mainly for high school students to share their true inner feelings and step out of their comfort zone to find out more about themselves and the people around them. It was an amazing experience for everyone in the room. Lots of smiles, plenty of tears, and tons of hugs. The emotions in this room were unstoppable, and the whole time I was there I kept thinking about that line, The biggest man you ever did see was at once just a baby in his life. It kept ringing in my ear. I would see people who were super upset and it would remind me of childhood. Every kid depends on someone for survival when they are a baby, but then we all grow up and try to out-do each other, and be better than the next guy. People bully each other, and put others down for no reason. They follow the trends in the media and do things to make themselves appear like they are more special than everyone around them. But in our hearts and souls, we’re all the same – helpless, innocent babies.

Bob Marley was all about Unity.

He wanted everyone to be treated equally, and I think that’s where this sentence originated from in his mind.

Because the only time that we are all considered equal, is right when we are born.

What can we do to change that…

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