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You Can’t Escape the Jungle

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You hear the saying all the time, Its a Jungle out there

Definitely a true statement. We all walk around the land, especially here in North America, believing that we are better than all other mammals living in the same food chain. But what we have to realize is that we are all trapped in a jungle that doesn’t end. Anyone or anything can take your life at any moment, you never know what’s creeping up on you. We are surrounded by society and its evil ways. Most people worry more about being attacked by the wild animals in the world than the people that live in their own neighbourhood. But reality is, the jungle is all around us.

Nothing is sacred, no one is safe.

 I quote Bob Marley from the song Concrete Jungle:

No Chains around my feet but Im not free…

The Black Man overcame 400 years of Slavery, yet society will still not set them free. They are still tied down by the Corporate Government in so many ways. And we are all stuck in this mud too – we are all slaves to the corporate world.

That’s what the jungle is: A bunch of wild animals fighting each other for their own survival and trying to take from one another. No matter how hard you try to rise up, something will try harder to pull you back down. There really is no escape.

But don’t let this drag you down, it’s not the end of the world, It’s just something that all people need to recognize. We are all slaves. We are all tied down. We are all trapped in the same jungle. None of us are completely free in any way. But neither is any other living creature. The birds, the fish, the bees and ants – none of them are completely free. They all have to work for the life or they die. It’s not unfair, it’s just the way of the world.

When life pulls you down, you gotta pick yourself back up and find a way to put a smile on your face. Forget about your troubles and find what you love. Get as close to freedom as you can, but just remember to always watch your back, you never know what’s lurking out there

Welcome to the Jungle

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