Hippie Mike's Messed Up Mind The Bob Marley Quote of the Month

Let The Sun Shine Down on Me

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Most of Bob Marley’s songs were about political issues, battles for unity and freedom or just plain old love songs. But sometimes you could pick out a song that Bob wrote just by feeling it. Sometimes when you’re out in the world alone you just start singing, singing about what you’re doing and how you are feeling. That’s what the song “Sun is Shining” is like. I picture Bob hanging out on a big hill top just dancing under a tree singing about how beautiful it is outside, and how that weather makes him feel so good.

I quote the song –

“Sun is shining, weather is sweet; makes you want to move your dancing feet…”

 It’s true. The weather affects the mood of many people and when it’s not nice outside for long periods of time, depression can be a factor. I love the line in the song, “To the rescue, here I am…”, because it brings the reality of how the sunshine saves your mentality and makes you smile. All Winter in the land of Vancouver where we live it rains and rains, and people get bitter and sad. That’s reality. When the sun comes out, it instantly gets people outside of their condos and houses and they do things. They have fun. They smile and laugh. And maybe they even dance.

Summer has finally arrived and everywhere you look there are people smiling having a good time with one another. The conversations in the stores have changed from talking about what they are sick and tired of to asking how each other is feeling and talking about how gorgeous it is outside. But there’s always that last sentence of, “I hope it stays this way.”

We live for the sun and it keeps us alive. We anticipate it’s arrival each and every day. Without the sun the world would wither and die. So go outside and enjoy it. Sing a song and dance to your heart’s desire, and remember, when you don’t see it for long periods of time, it will return, and will take away the pain.

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