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Get rid of the Guns

What is wrong with this world that we are still accepting the fact that it’s okay to have guns around. We are not warriors fighting for survival and  trying to take over each others land. We don’t need to hunt and kill animals for survival. So why are these weapons still so accessible?

I picked up the newspaper off my porch this morning and the cover said, “Border Guard shot in neck will recover…” Wow. We live in Canada and we have to worry about people trying to shoot there way across the border, what is wrong with people? Some poor dude goes to work on a Tuesday and gets shot in the neck for it. As far as I knew we actually have gun laws in this country that make it illegal for people to carry them around in streets, unlike the United States. So how come I know of 3 totally unrelated stories that involved guns that all happened around here on Monday and Tuesday of this week? And I don’t even watch the news. We need to discourage weapons. What the kids don’t understand is that carrying a weapon for protection is gonna get them killed. Or they’re gonna take someone else’s life and pay for it the rest of theirs.

I’ve had 3 friends die to the gun, none of who deserved it at all – Rachel Hunter, trying to stop an argument outside a bar; Chris Whitmee, taking a piss beside the wrong person who someone tried to assassinate; and Lee Matasi, chased down the street for voicing his opinion and being ignorantly shot straight up in the head.  And do you think any of these people who committed these murders were punished enough, or even at all for some cases? And what about the families of these innocent victims? What did these incidents do to them and to their lifestyles? Why do we still have these guns?

I just don’t think it’s fair to any of us civilized people to have to worry about dying to a bullet at any given moment wherever we are. This is not a knife or a club where the person has to come near you to hurt you, these are guns, that shoot death across the sky.

We don’t need them…

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