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Feel it – Fight it – Overcome it

Death is all around me, it’s painful. Constant flashbacks and memories of friends and family who I’ll never see again. Reminders of how precious we are to the people who surround us. Tears….

Every day we go through so much struggle, everybody does, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Financial… I’m always being pushed down to the ground and kicked multiple times while lying there hurt. And what do I do about it? Get back up and beg for more.

When life throws shit at you from every angle it shows how strong or weak you really are as a person. Can you continue to just wipe it off, and throw some back every now and then. And how much can one man take before he just crumbles. I consider myself a very strong individual and I have a stubborn mentality when it comes to giving up – I don’t do it. For me it’s about how much I can take before asking for help to overcome it. Giving up isn’t even a question. The question is how do I beat it?

When life knocks you down you gotta get back up.

When you’re crying tears of sadness you gotta think of all the good things you have, and good times you had.

When you are so hurt you can’t move you gotta set goals for getting better.

And when you lose one that you love you gotta look towards the others who love you for comfort.

I have to quote 3 Bob Marley songs this time and they all mean the same thing –

“They made their world so hard, every day we got to keep on fightin’” – One Drop

“So arm in arms, with arms, we’ll fight this little struggle, ’cause that’s the only way we can overcome our little trouble” – Zimbabwe

“Get up, Stand up: Stand up for your rights! Get up, Stand up: Don’t give up the fight!” – Get up, Stand up

All three of these songs are talking about completely different subjects, political; cultural; religious beliefs;, but they all have the same message. Take what you believe and let the world know you believe it. Don’t take shit from anyone, and never back down. Stand up for yourself and everyone who walks beside you. And be yourself every day for the rest of your life.

Thanks Bob

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