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Winter is Upon Us

[vimeo id=”51363208″ width=”620″ height=”360″] I just watched Sheldon Barr’s Video of Adam Richter power sliding through the streets of Vancouver just loving those sunny summer days and recognize the fact that Winter is coming fast which means lots of rain in the forecasts. And with rain comes depression for a lot of people, but remember the good times we just had. We finally had a memorable Summer for the first year in quite a few where it was more than 25 degrees outside for multiple days in a row all the time, and even last weekend was incredible, there were people tanning and sunbathing on Thanksgiving Sunday in Southern British Columbia, when’s the last time that happened? But now the weather has finally started to shift the to the opposite, it’s extremely cold at night already and very foggy in the mornings, and the past few days have been fulfilled with pouring rain. But that’s life, that’s where we live, accept it. The funny part is that the past few winters have been filled with streaks of sunny weather with temperatures in the double digits in January and February. The only problem with that is the moisture in the air creates a lot of fog and frost and the ground stays wet all day, and worse – the more sunny days we have in a row in the winter, the colder each one gets. At least when it rains, it warms it up. Accept that Winter is upon us, and enjoy the days we have left before it finally arrives. Accept the rain when it comes and be thankful that it’s not snow. Accept that it’s Winter but know there are still plenty of places to skate in this area during the Winter – Tsawwassen, Ladner, The Dry Spot, Leeside, Chuck Bailey Bowls, the Secret Ramp, and my house. Accept the cold weather, but take advantage of the warm days we receive, and the next time we get a beautiful day, go out with your board and your buddies and just cruise the streets – for what it’s worth, before they’re wet for months…

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