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Railside for the Yoots!


It’s Youth Week and the weekend is always filled with skateboard competitions. Hippie Mike set up the Surrey Jam for today at Chuck Bailey (4-9pm) and Jeff Cole organized one at the Skate Plaza tomorrow (1-4pm).

And then there comes Sunday – Michael James, better known as Giver, has got this one ready to go. Starts at 11am on Sunday morning, so some of you might have to preach to the devil that day and miss church to go skateboarding, like it would be the first time….

The only difference for the Railside Contest is you actually have to be a Youth to compete, meaning no one over the age of 18 is permitted to compete but can still show up to watch and support the yoots in action. We have a strong feeling that The Dominator, Dominic Devries could take this one home if he decides to show up, but maybe we can convince our top Youth Riders Andy Anderson and Brad Muscat to show up and go for gold. It is Fighter’s last day being 18 years old that day.

Either way, get your skate on…

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