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Authentic Board Supply gets props in The Surrey Now


When the people at The Surrey Now caught wind that Hippie Mike was going to be opening up a skateboard shop in Surrey they had to do an article about it right away. The Surrey Now is always promoting things I do in the community, there’s usually at least one article about myself every year, and then there tends to be a few photos of people at my events that will get mixed into the media shuffle here and there. This time it was about the fact that I am opening up a skateboard shop right in the heart of Whalley simply named Authentic Board Supply. The shop is all about keepin’ it real in the skateboard world by giving kids a place to hang and have positive mentors, bringing more events and partnerships to the communities that surround us, and providing the best product out there at reasonable prices. I’ve been working very hard to get this shop ready to open and have had an amazing crew helping me with the renovations. We should be open this weekend in the Dell Shopping Centre located 10604 King George Blvd – come check us out…

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