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Locks For Leukemia Fundraiser

A couple of us from The Protest Team went out to support the cause at Nolan McLeod’s Fundraiser held at the Tsawwassen Rec Centre on Saturday where there was a huge gathering of people. Some were there to skate the park, some were there to help raise funds, and some were there to cut their hair… and no, Hippie Mike did not shave his head.

When we pulled up at 11am, there was a full crowd of people hanging out beside the centre, music was playing, 50-50 draws, hot dogs; it seemed pretty chill. Nolan was not present, understandably, but you could see how many people cared for the cause. Shadd Trepp had called me up a few weeks ago to request a couple of us to come and skate the park just to give the crowd somewhere to wander off to, and something to watch, and also to help raise some extra funds to donate. Myself, Jaden Easton-Ellett and Andy Anderson were there representing for Protest Skateboards, and other rippers included Andrew Klassen, Graeme Betts, Lanny Deboer and Paul Machnau, along with a couple local rippers. We all just skated and had a good time, Shadd put on some Best Trick Contests with some donated prizing and there was a Highest Ollie Contest that Andy Klassen won.


I believe the skateboarders donated a couple hundred bucks for the cause, but all in all the total amount raised for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation was close to


Great job to all who came out, and all who helped to raise funds, but we all know that there is never enough – so if you still want to make a donation please contact Kasie

Keep pushin’ strong Nolan, and know that lots of people are here to support you…

Note: All proceeds raised will go directly to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and you can download the pledge form by clicking here.

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