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Debit = Debt

You know what really drives me crazy? – Banks.

These crooked institutions teach you from day one how to allow them to manage and control “Your Money”. Even as a little kid when you’re mom or dad tells you to put some of your money in the bank and save it. You’re already sad because it’s your money and you’re not gonna be able to spend it right away, and then you get the bank telling how to save it. You could put it in Savings Bonds, which make you absolutely no profit unless you sit on them for 10-20 years. You could put it in a separate savings account, which the bank will just happen to charge you a small monthly fee that will eventually eat up your entire amount of savings. Or you could invest it in your future but having RESP’s, which are great if you’re gonna go to school later, but if you don’t, did you make any profit?


The thing about banks is that the majority of the world has allowed them to establish themselves to the point that they are at now, and it almost makes them an inevitable necessity. Way back in time, there was only cash money, no cheques,no credit cards, no debit. So if you didn’t want to risk getting your cash stolen, you would put it in the bank for “safe keeping”. But now a days, the banks rule the world through credit – money that doesn’t even exist. Sure, they’ll lend you $300,000 for a mortgage, but it’s gonna cost you over a million by the time you pay them back. How the hell is that legal? I know that if a regular person lends another regular person money and sets up an interest charge on it, they could go to jail, so how is it legal for the banks to do it on every feature they offer? Last year we paid over $25,000 towards our mortgage and $19,000 of that went to interest, straight into the banks pocket… It’s disgusting. You can’t own a house in these times without a mortgage, unless your born into wealth like Paris Hilton or something. So you’re an automatic victim of society by being forced to utilize the banks. TD Canada Trust, PC Financial, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank – they should all be on the Top Ten Most Wanted Criminals List

There’s high interest credit cards, straight up loans, and the fees they charge you for services. All scams. Please explain to me again why it costs so much money for you to hold my money and then not even let me touch it for 5 business days. My favourite is when you get charged a fee for depositing cash. Is that for real……….a cash handling fee………at the bank? And then there’s Debit. This to me has got to be the easiest way for people to spend more money than they planned on. The day they created the debit machines where you could spend your money right at the store, was the end of an eternity. Now I’m not complaining about convenience, because that is the benefit of it. What I’m complaining about is that the little machine that allows the stores to take your money directly from your bank card, never tells you how much money you still have, only what you spent. And you just go from store to store spending more and more until finally – Declined!


Now you need to pull out your Credit Card, usually issued through your bank for inconvenient situations just like this one, and overspend your budget of what you could actually afford. How many other people have noticed that since they’ve used Debit all the time, they never have any money in the bank?

It’s the expressway to debt.

Try going back in time for a while and take out the actual amounts of money you are prepared to spend before going to the store and see if there’s a difference. Stick within your budget and stop allowing the banks to force you to be poor. There are some necessities that come from the bank that we need to depend on, and we should be thankful that they exist, but do they really need to rob us as much as they do?

“That Shit Drives Me Crazy!!”

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