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The Man I Loved The Most

Raymond James Faux

Sept 18th, 1947 – April 29th, 2012

To The man who adopted me, loved me and taught me how to be a man myself – a humungous part of me dies with you, but the rest of me lives on for both of us…

The Man I Loved The Most

By Mike Faux

The day I’ve feared forever
finally arrived,
The day The Man I loved the Most
Had to die,
I knew it would happen
My entire life,
I expected it at any time
My entire life,
He struggled through so much
Sickness and disease,
But he always wore a smile
And he always seemed pleased,
He taught me not to give up
On whatever I believe,
I’ll wear a heart forever
To represent him on my sleeve,
His suffering is over
Now our pain begins,
We will miss him forever
In our hearts within,
To The Man I loved the Most
My regrets I send –
My Dad, my Father,
My Friend till the End…

We love you!

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Hippie Mike's Messed Up Mind

Hippie Mike says goodbye to Shithead the cat…

Shithead was a cat who lived at the house we bought in 2005. She was energetic, and always happy and loved to snuggle. She lived mainly outside, but would spend the winter nights by the fireplace. Approximately 11 years old, she was diagnosed with Kidney Disease, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes and some blindness in May of this year. We worked hard together to bring her health and strength back so she could enjoy one more beautiful summer in Surrey. Unable to gain any weight back because of her failing kidneys the winter cold was just too much for her. She is now buried between the fruit trees on the edge of the ravine in our yard, where she always sat to enjoy the sunshine peaking through the trees.

Please enjoy this poem about her final moments and watch the old video to see how much fun she had when she was healthy.

Love forever – Hippie Mike

The Day that Shithead Died

A moment that I dreaded,
For many, many months,
Diagnosed with 4 diseases,
We knew the time would come,
You made a humungous come back,
Surviving strong since May,
But last night I knew it was over,
I knew today would be the day,
I dug the hole last night,
After laying by your side,
I didn’t think you’d make the night,
You were on a one way ride,
I held you in my arms,
And pleaded for you to die,
But struggling to breathe,
On the floor you would just lie,
You were such an awesome kitty,
A personality all your own,
You followed me everywhere I went,
And always greeted my truck when I came home,
6 great years together,
That time cannot replace,
And everywhere I look in the yard,
I see visions of your face,
Your time had finally arrived,

For you to reach the other side,
December 10th, 2011,
The day that Shithead died…

You will always be loved and cherished, and never forgotten – Mike, Carrie and Kaelen

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