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Kids Make the World Go Round

Caileigh and Kaelen Skitchin

If you have Kids you will quickly relate to this, and even if you don’t have kids of your own but hang out with other people’s children you will also know what I’m talking about.
Kids can drive you crazy at times, they are needy and stubborn, but it’s not their fault. It is our job to feed them, bath them, clothe them, and love them, and in return they show you a love that no one else can. When a young child looks into your eyes or holds you by the hand and expresses themself they are giving you the full Truth of how they feel, they don’t know anything else. When they are really young everything they do is a new experience and is either fun, scary, or super cool. Then as they grow older a confidence builds inside them that allows them to become more independent and start to take care of themselves, and find their own true passions. It’s hard to remember that we were all once little babies, infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, etc… We all went through the same things to grow up, and each of us have different stories to tell.
The one thing that motivates me to always be a caring father is when I see my kids enjoying themselves with a smile that cannot be faked. The excitement that comes to life is so real at times that just being there with them pumps you up and makes you happy. I’m very lucky to have a child that loves to skateboard, and not just wanting to be good at it, but actually just enjoys skateboarding for what it is – a time to challenge your mind and body to learn and remember new things, a way to feel free from everything as you roll and flow across the concrete, and a connection to so many people you can call your friends for life. When we go out together it’s a special time between us, one that both of us will remember differently, but the same.
I try to do as much as possible with both my kids, and so does their Mom. Every minute of every day only happens once, we must make the most of it. One day you will look down at your kids and realize they are taller than you, they own their own cars and homes, and have kids of their own. Today is a day like any other day, hug your children and let them know that you love them, it’s important for both of you

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Get Up, Stand Up

Get up Stand up

“Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for your Rights; Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t give up the Fight” – A saying that will always live true all over the world.
One of the most influential songs ever written, “Get Up, Stand Up” was the last song Bob Marley ever performed Live, Bob and Peter Tosh put this song together to promote people to take actions against oppression and fight for their freedom to be who they are naturally, without judgement. Similar to what is happening right now within the United States, When you oppress someone, you use your authority to keep them down. If you oppress people long enough, they might decide to fight back and then decide to oppress YOU. There is a saying that “power corrupts,” meaning that once someone gains power, they tend to misuse it in self-serving or brutal ways. Eventually the people being abused are going to fight back.
We live in a world where we can usually travel the globe freely, immigrate into other countries as our new homeland, and ship whatever wherever in the matter of days. So why are we still fighting to put and end to prejudism and racism, and promote equal rights around the globe? Money is obviously the issue. It controls the world, and the people in it, even when you try to live without it.
As time goes on, the governments of all countries will be less and less trustworthy. An action is never taken for the benefit of the people, only for the people at the top. And as the world leaders start to collaborate together more and more (like we are seeing right now during the “Covid-19 Pandemic”) we will have less and less control of our own lives. This needs to be stopped, or at least slowed down so enough people can see what is really happening and stand up for themselves before it’s too late.
The saying above “Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for your Rights” has meaning in every situation. If you believe you are being treated unfairly then say so. If the people you express this to do not care, or brush off your feelings as no big deal, then you move on to the second part of the quote: “Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t give up the Fight”. The actions you take at this point will be stronger and possibly physical instead of just verbal. Believe in yourselves that you can and will be heard. If you have a valid argument, then more people will relate to it and join in your fight with you. Unfortunately the powers that be will try anything to keep your group from growing, as the Power of Numbers is true strength. But you must continue on and not give up until the battle is won.
People are abused everywhere, at home, at school, at work, on the streets, everywhere. It is time for us to take a stand and stop being held down. What do you have to stand up and fight for?

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Where is the Justice?

1-99 weigh scale

In the past 2 and a half months, the world has been on lockdown due to this Covid-19 issue. We have been told what we can and cannot do, who we can associate with, what is “essential” for our living, and when and where we are allowed to go. For people who live in condensed and over populated parts of their cities, this has definitely been a test of strength. It is common sense that anyone being told not to behave a certain way that they are used to will eventually act out in some manner. All in all I think most of the people in this world have been very compliant and patient with the situation, but unfortunately one of things I have noticed during this pandemic is the change of attitude in the “Enforcers” , aka the Police, Security Guards, and Lawmakers. From the time we were told to stop travel and stay home, even in our small town of 7000 people, I immediately noticed an increase to the number of police cars around. All of a sudden they have more rights to pull people over and question what they are doing. Unfortunately the Mob Mentality can be contagious and spread quickly, it can happen in any group. When Police and Security Guards are told to step up their enforcement, what does that really mean? And how much description is involved when these instructions go out? What boundaries are set?
See as far as I know the Police are there to “Serve and Protect” the community, when they are called upon. But as crime grows over the years so does the number of officers that now need to stay busy and employed all the time which results in them trying to hunt out crime instead of waiting to be called upon. If crime rates go down, shouldn’t the number of officers diminish with it? In most cases where we live the Police are usually pretty fair, but all it takes is one bad seed to change the world. With the incident that just occurred in Minnesota, the news is now filled with a repetitive topic – Racism. George Floyd was treated unfairly and ignored in his pleas for assistance, not just by the officer kneeling on his neck, but also by the other officers on the scene. Would he have been treated differently if he was not Black? We don’t know that, but we do not this is not justice. This is abuse of authority.
Now the streets are flooded with angry individuals, who were already frustrated in life before this happened, and the Mob Mentality comes from another side now, facing against the side that it originated from. Isn’t it ironic that in over 10 weeks of people being locked indoors, and literally budgeted as to what supplies are available for them to purchase as well as what stores they are allowed to visit and when, there was never any huge protests or riots. People accepted the facts that they are not to associate in public places or with anyone they are not directly related to, and they did not fight back. But 1 completely unjustified act of violence from an ignorant authority figure has sparked the anger inside so many to now act out in the wrong ways. Protests are one thing, expressing opinion in words, freedom of speech, showing the power of numbers and trying to change the world for the better. But when people start to riot and vandalize and loot, this will not end well. This will only cause more violence.
George Floyd was a man, black, white, or brown. His life did matter, and so does everyone else’s, where were his rights in this situation and why was he treated this way? We need to stop acts of racism, prejudism, sexism, and most of all Abuse of Authority. People are people and we all deserve to be treated equally, no matter what you look like, the color of your skin, hair and eyes, male or female, short or tall, able to walk or not, etc. I am tired of seeing and hearing about incidents where Lawmakers, Law Enforcers, Judges, and other Authority Figures work in amongst themselves to do, and get away with, whatever they want. The punishments must fit the crimes, and there should be no lenience in this case, especially with video proof.
The timing of this incident should be a wake up call around the globe, the bullying is happening everywhere. We are all being held down without choices, the more populated of an area you live in, the more trapped you are right now.
What is happening behind the scenes, who is really in charge of our lives, why are we forced to listen to the lies, and what are we going to do about it….

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Get Back to Being Yourself

Mike Pondering SV Quarterpipe

Sometimes things happen so unexpectedly that you don’t even know how to handle it, then that situation just keeps playing over and over in your head trying to figure out how to never let the same thing happen again, this is called trauma and can be unavoidable at times. How many of you have ever broken a bone? One second you’re enjoying life doing whatever you’re doing and the next second you’re in excruciating pain and need to get to the nearest hospital. But it’s the mental side that lasts so long. It’s easy to overcome physical pain and heal from it, but your brain is always trying to figure out why it happened to you, and that part is the true pain that never leaves.
Most accidents are no one’s fault, they just happen. If you’re trying dangerous stuff or being stupid then sometimes you deserve to get hurt, but if you’re just doing normal stuff that day then maybe it was inevitable. The biggest thing to remember is you must move forward, you can’t dwell on the past. Learn from your mistakes and try to prevent a repetitive incident but otherwise push your fears aside and continue on the way it used to be.
Right now I am personally struggling mentally to overcome many emotions created by years of multiple surgeries as I work hard to get back to my usual self. I want to be normal and I encourage my brain to allow me to be that way, but when the time comes for reality that brain likes to argue. It’s important to be strong and just keep pushing forward, keep your friends and loved ones close by for encouragement and don’t associate with the negative people. Go outside and do whatever makes you happy.
In the world right now (with COVID-19) it’s hard for anyone to feel normal, people are being held down and told what they are allowed and not allowed to do. I just wanted to go to the local skate parks, see a bunch of great friends, and go fast! But none of that has been allowed for the past 2 months. For all those dealing with Mental Health issues this type of incident makes you feel like your freedom has been taken away from you and suddenly you are trapped. But it will change, it will get better again, we ALL will recover from this, and one day (hopefully sooner than later) we can feel normal again.

Remember, your life is what YOU make it;
Stay strong, Stay positive, Be careful out there,
And Love every day that you’re alive…

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Hippie Mike Road to Recovery – The Bowl Series

After going through multiple surgeries on my left leg and knee in a short period of time, I needed something to inspire me to get better at skateboarding again, and Bowl Series was the key. Check out my recovery story and learn why this amazing series of skateboard contests held each summer at Canada’s oldest skate parks was the one push I needed to get my gears going again. Thanks to all my friends and family at these events for just being there and making them what they are
Produced in 2018

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Andy Anderson Archived Videos Carrie Williams Contests Eve Feaver Extreme Sports Hippie Mike Hippie Mike's Messed Up Mind Jeff Cole Kaelen Faux Life and Death - And all the Emotions that come in between Merrick Orr Skateboarding SkatePark Styles Stories of the Board Video Reviews

Hippie Mike Road to Recovery – The Bowl Series

After going through multiple surgeries on my left leg and knee in a short period of time, I needed something to inspire me to get better at skateboarding again, and Bowl Series was the key. Check out my recovery story and learn why this amazing series of skateboard contests held each summer at Canada’s oldest skate parks was the one push I needed to get my gears going again. Thanks to all my friends and family at these events for just being there and making them what they are
Produced in 2019

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Hippie Mike on AFV

8 years after filming this funny incident with my hair getting caught in a thorn bush I finally submitted the clip to AFV in 2012 and received a call back the next day saying they wanted to use it on the show. Have a watch as Tom Bergeron tells it like it is.
The same clip was used again in an audience member participation game in 2018/2019 with Alfonso Ribeiro as the host which was also hilarious

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For the Love of Skateboarding

Some people avoid everything in life to go skate, they put off their family, they put off their careers, they put off their education, they will even put off eating to fulfil their addiction. And then there are people like me who love skateboarding so much that they put off skateboarding to utilize their time to make more possibilities and opportunities for all the other people that will put off the rest of life to skate. It’s a messed up world but it’s just the way it is. I’ve watched many people over the years become so amazing at skateboarding and completely seem like they are one with there board, or more comfortable on their skateboard than when they are not. Sometimes skateboarding makes a person who they are and that lasts forever. It’s great when you are part of a team and participating in sports or activities with others, but nothing can teach you more about yourself than independent extreme activities where it literally is just you, your mind and your body out there as one and risking everything. I love skateboarding and everything about it. I love how I can hop and my board and cruise through the streets, I love how I can roll into a ramp and just starting poppin’ and grindin’, I love skating any obstacle I see possible, and I love how I can see others get inspired in their lives by doing the same. The coolest thing about skateboarding to me is how we as true skateboarders live in a separate society where we learn together, build together and battle together, and this society is really open to anyone of any age, of any colour, any race and any ability level to join. And once you are part of this world it feels good…

Evan Riemer - Invert extension - One Six2

You can always pick out a true skateboarder. They just have this energy about them; This determination; This strength; This want for more. My favourites are the ones who just look like they are having the time of there life when they skateboard. It’s a great reminder of who we are and why we skate – because it’s fun. So many kids out there try so hard to get super good super quick in hopes that they might be the next Ryan Sheckler or Nyjah Huston and they can easily lose touch with reality resulting in them actually quitting at some point because they “didn’t make it”. But that’s not what skateboarding is about. A true skateboarder skates for the love of it, because it makes them feel good, because it allows them to express themself, and because it makes them free.

Grab your deck, throw it on the ground and go skate, don’t look at where you’re going, just go, and enjoy every second of it – that’s skateboarding

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Inspired to Make a Change

changeRecently there has been a lot of emotion in my life and it’s well overdue to come to this. As you grow older lots of things tend to happen, you learn who your true friends are, you start to lose a lot of people close to you and you begin to really learn who you are and who you have become. Although some people might have guessed me to be older, I’m only 35 years old, but I have done a lot in those 35 years. Being a skateboarder for 28 of those years has helped me become the person I am by giving me the senses of commitment of creativity and dedication of following through and getting things done.

I love when people judge skateboarders as children and look at guys my age and say things like, “When are you going to grow up?” The funny part is there’s a reason that people think that I’m older than I am and the reason comes down to me being a skateboarder for my whole life. Skateboarders tend to mature faster than other people, we have more danger in our lives and have to premeditate a lot of what we do, and we all go through lots of injuries which makes us learn how to overcome difficult times and push ourselves to succeed, but most of all we are one of the only “societies” where everyone hangs out together no matter what their age, which benefits the young kids to have more mentorship in their lives and help them grow up faster with extra guidance. And this is where my frame of mind has been going lately, continuing to provide that leadership and mentorship to all those around, but more in the sense of creating more leaders and mentors. In skateboarding we were always pushed away, and opportunities were taken from us.

The skaters of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were not spoiled with skate parks and in honesty were not as tight knit with each others groups. But times have changed a lot and we have all learned acceptance. We now know that if your a skateboarder than we’re on the same team, and this team will fight the battle to the finish line to win our rights to be skateboarders for life and not have ignorant people ask us when we are going to grow up. If you’re with me on this say your opinion and let me know how it makes you feel to be part of this revolution. We are here to make a change, to help better the world, and to provide straight pathways to success for our next generation.

Are you with me?

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Christmas is Coming

It’s that time of year again when Christmas is right around the corner and the levels of stress and anxiousness can get higher than necessary. As a kid you always freak out around Christmas wondering what to expect from Santa or whoever else is bringing you gifts and what the best gift will be, then you become a teenager and just expect money from everyone you’re related to and all you do is plan out what you’re gonna spend it on even before you have it forgetting all about the Christmas spirit, and then adulthood takes over where all of a sudden you are the one expected to be spoiling all these other people every year. It always gets me disturbed when I get to this part of the year, at one point for a few years I straight up hated on Christmas and wouldn’t even say the word. But I still participated in gift giving with things I made for others.

Too much Christmas

In the mix-up of today’s society we live in a world where money is the ruler and everyone needs money to survive so Christmas is the key to success for many businesses. It’s not wrong to buy stuff for people but just don’t feel that you have to. Think of something special that you could create out of your own heart and buy the supplies instead. It means a lot to someone when they receive a gift from a friend or loved one that they can tell came from the heart. And think of the word “Share” when you talk about Christmas. Not just what you want but what you would like to do for others. Life is about positive experiences and sharing fun times with the people you love. So find all your friends and go out for a skate and just have a good time together. Invite random people over for dinner that you normally wouldn’t and show them how much they really mean to you. Whatever you do, and however you do it, love this season for what it’s really about – being with your friends and family, sharing good times and lots of laughs and exchanging gifts that show your love for one another.

Merry Christmas to all, have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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