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HMI Skate Park is an indoor skateboard park in Hope BC, owned and operated by myself, Hippie Mike. The lease on the building was signed at the beginning of October 2020. Through amazing community support, donations, and fundraising, we were able to get the doors open by middle of December 2020. In the first 18 months we have served over 1000 different people just in the skate park, proving how necessary a place like this is. We specialize in Public Drop-Ins, Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels, Inclusive and Fun Competitions and Demos, and have approximately a 75%/25% male/female Ratio.
To rush the opening of the Park we used Masonite (1/4″ hardboard) as the top surface sheeting on all the ramps and decking as it was way more affordable and quick to install but unfortunately the wear and tear is showing fast on the masonite and it is time to make the big changeover to SkateLite. This will help protect the ramps for years to come and lower the dust levels being stirred up daily throughout the park.

We are looking to raise $50,000 to finalize the park properly by resheeting the entire place in SkateLite, adding metal edge protection to any corners and joins between ramps, and making a few necessary adjustments and repairs. The skate park is split into 3 sections and we will plan to change it up one section at a time, in the order of how we originally built it.
Section 1 will happen when we reach the first $20,000
Section 2 will happen after we reach another $15,000
and Section 3 will happen when we reach the final $15,000

Our goal is to complete the entire renovation by the end of this year. If you would like to donate please visit our GoFund Me Page
HMI SkateLite Fundraiser GoFund Me
Or come into the Park at 840 5th Ave, Hope BC

We all appreciate your Support

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Charley Ford Fundraiser

Another amazing skateboarder loses his life to the bullet. Why can’t we escape these guns?

Charley Ford was shot dead while sitting in a car in Compton over he weekend. Why I’m not sure, but either way it’s just another ignorant murder with an unnecessary weapon. Why must all of someone’s friends and family mourn and suffer because one person loses there respect for human life and shots another, and worse, right in front of a 10 month old baby….

Filmed by Nigel Alexander, Darren Munoz, Amir GT, Davonte Jolly, Mannie Escamilla, Marc Ohata and Mannie Salazar, this video was created by Charley’s Bro’s to showcase the man we just lost in the skateboard industry. It proves that he was super skilled and talented and could have ended up the next huge name of street skating. You can really see the patience he had when he does his tricks. A great Loss.

The video also has a huge purpose to try to raise funds for Charley Ford’s Mother who is suffering from Cancer, and now grieving the loss of her loved one while worrying about her own life. Please support this cause by watching the video and sharing it on Facebook.

And please, get rid of the guns….

R.I.P. Charley Ford


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