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The Old Hippie Mike

You all know I’ve been on this scene for a long, long time. But some of you out there have only known me for a few years, so you might not know the old Hippie Mike. I grew up a full street skater since we had no skate parks unless we built them ourselves somewhere. So I had lots of flip tricks and loved drops and gaps. It was 2004 when I blew my knee and had to give up a lot of what I loved to do, but I never slowed down on my skating, I just changed up my style a bit and stopped doing big drops. When you see me now I’m usually cruisin’ some fast tranny lines or gettin’ tech on the quarter pipes, but this video takes you back to before I got hurt and was out in the streets all the time finding new spots.

I made this video for my Dad as a Christmas Gift in 2003. It was a montage from my skating from that year. Everyone knows I loved my Dad and I used to send him footage of my skateboarding all the time, I’m not sure if he even watched it, but I think he did. Either way, this one was for him.

Filmed on an old Hi8 Video Camera, it’s a little pixely but definitely worth a watch. Get to know the Hippie Mike you might not have had the chance to meet in the past, a drinkin’, lovin’, Happy Hippie who had lots of talent, determination and heart

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