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Hippie Mike on America’s Funniest Videos

This Sunday, November 25th, 2012, AFV will be airing a clip sent in by myself – Hippie Mike. It’s an old clip from about 2004 which I just submitted to the show this summer of me riding down a pathway doing tricks when a branch from a thorn bush grabs my hair and yanks me right off my skateboard. Some people may have had the privilege of seeing this clip in a past Protest Video called Never Give Up which I had to temporarily remove from the site for legal reasons. It’s a hilarious clip on it’s own and I’m anticipating it to be even funnier with the TV Voiceover of America’s Funniest Home Videos Host – Tom Bergeron.

This was always one of my favourite TV Shows since it began. AFV was the original show of this nature where anyone could send in their own filmed videos of any style to be aired. There were other Blooper Shows prior to AFV but nothing compared to this one once it came out. I still remember watching the very first episode more than 20 years ago in my living room with my entire family and all of us laughing so hard. I’ve watched it ever since. I remember always imagining being on it one day and now I guess that day has come. If there was one person who would have loved to be able to see this episode, it’s my Dad, and I’m sad that he isn’t around for it. But that’s one of the reasons I finally sent in the clip, because I knew he would’ve loved it. So turn your TV’s to ABC this Sunday Night at 7pm and laugh it up.

Dedicated to the memory of my Dad, Ray Faux, and all the great times we had laughing together to episodes of this show, this one’s for you buddy…

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