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Ryan Decenzo – ND Represent!

Ryan Decenzo has been floating around the BC homeland lately and just did an interview with the local Surrey/Delta newspaper The Surrey Now. It relates to Ryan’s passions towards skateboarding and learning. And he reminisces about the good times he had growing up so close with his little brother Scott always pushing each other to be better. Ryan had a lot of talent on his skateboard even as a young kid. I still remember a long long time ago when I ran into Ryan and Scott Decenzo as 2 little kids skating the front of Cougar Canyon Elementary as the day I remember meeting them. It was me, Jon Irvine and Cisco Gooding and they came over all stoked that anyone showed up there and they just sat and watched us skate. I think they had just started skating around that time. Jon boardslid this super high ledge behind the high school and they were stoked. From there I saw them around here and there and they came out to the old Substance comps and Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and I just remember watching them grow and get sponsored by Coastal Riders Skate Shop. That’s when they really started stepping it up.  Ryan always loved the big gaps and Scott was always so solid on ledges. Now they both skate everything with such ease it’s hard to believe sometimes how good they became. It all comes down to that little North Delta Skate Park. As soon as it got built you could just see the progression in these guys every day and Ryan started really going off. Another great Training Facility built by New Line Skate Parks.

I think we are all proud of how big Ryan Decenzo has become in the skateboard world, I know I am, and I’m very glad to see him being humble still. He’s out there representing Canada, North Delta, and skateboarders across the globe.

Check out this article and let it bring back the memories…



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