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Bones Brigade Documentary At The Rio

Growing up as a skateboarder for majority of my lifetime (since 1986), I was a huge fan of the original Powell Peralta Team known simply as the Bones Brigade. Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Cabellero, Mike McGill and Tommy Guerrero. These 5 guys set a standard back in the 1980’s for skateboarding with their unique styles, amazing vert skills, and ability to land everything they tried. And when they added Freestyle Master/inventer of most flatground tricks we do today, Rodney Mullen, the world was changed forever. My favorite video from back in the original days with the Bones Brigade was definitely The Search for Animal Chin, giving us all one of the most historic photos of all time – Lance, Tony, McGill and Cab all doing handplants at the same time on the same spine – insane. That movie taught a lot of people to search for their inner selves and express it through skateboarding. Stacy Peralta and George Powell – thank you for creating a company that was all about the love for the sport and bringing us some of the most amazing people to look up to back then. With Powell Peralta as still one of the top companies in the industry, I can’t wait to see what memories they share with us in this video.

Sunday, July 15th, 2012 will be a busy day for skaters in the Lower Mainland:

Bowl Series at Griffin Park

Another Event a Kensington Park

And the Bones Brigade Video Premiere

What a great place to live…

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